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MagiGroom: One-Key Pet Hair Removal Comb & Massage Brush - Gentle Cleaning Care Tool for Cats & Dogs

MagiGroom: One-Key Pet Hair Removal Comb & Massage Brush - Gentle Cleaning Care Tool for Cats & Dogs

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• One-Key Hair Removal :The one-key hair removal feature makes it easy to remove hair from hard-to-reach areas, ensuring a thorough grooming experience for your pet.

• Magic Massage Grooming Needle :The magic massage grooming needle provides a relaxing and enjoyable grooming experience for both you and your pet.

• Scratcher For Cat Dog Cleaning Care Supplies :The scratcher feature is perfect for cats and dogs who love to scratch, providing a safe and satisfying outlet for their natural instincts.

• Plastic Material :Made from durable plastic, this comb is built to last and withstand even the toughest grooming sessions.

【Professional Cat Hair Brush】Perfect gift for pet owners, vets, and pet groomers. Using this cat brush for long haired cats on a regular basis can gently and effectively remove loose hair, tangles, knots, dander and trapped dirt. Suitable for short, medium or long, thick, thin or curly haired dogs/cats/rabbits, making your pets shiny and healthy.
【Skin-friendly Massage Needles】The mental pins on the cat brush for short haired cats have round rubber tips on the ends. As a cat deshedding brush, it's perfect for shedding and massaging your pets without scratching your pet's skin, even the sensitive skin.
【One-click Cleaning Button】After brushing your pet, simply click the button. The shutter will pop out, separating the brushed hair from the metal needle, then wipe the hair off. The button of cat shedding brush on the handle saves time and energy when grooming and cleaning.

Product name: One-key hair removal brush

Material: ABS + stainless steel needle

Suitable for cats and dogs

Product Include:Hair removal brush x1


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