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Large 1000ml Stainless Steel Ramen Bowl Set with Lid - Perfect for Instant Noodles, Soup, Salad, and More

Large 1000ml Stainless Steel Ramen Bowl Set with Lid - Perfect for Instant Noodles, Soup, Salad, and More

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Name: 304 Drainage Noodle Bowl
Capacity: 1000ml
Material: 304 inner liner, pp shell
Size: 14.5*9cm/5.71*3.54in


Noodle Bowl*1
Folding Chopsticks*1

Folding Spoon*1

Bullet Points:
1.No Hot Hands: Enjoy delicious flavors while keeping your hands safe with this double-layer hollow ramen bowl. The inner layer is made of ceramic, which can hold the heat and prevent it from escaping. The outer layer is made of bamboo, which is easy to grip and does not burn your fingers. This design allows you to savor your ramen without worrying about scalding your hands.
2.Cooling Air Holes: This ramen bowl is designed with air holes that efficiently remove hot air from the soup, preventing burns to the mouth and tongue. You can savor your soup in comfort without waiting for it to cool down.
3.Portable and convenient: This ramen bowl is easy to carry and use, as it comes with folding utensils that can be easily stored in a special space inside the lid. You can enjoy your noodles anywhere, anytime.
4.Large Capacity: This ramen bowl can hold a bowl of instant noodles or a meal, with a large capacity of 1000ml. It is made of stainless steel, which is durable and easy to clean. Enjoy your ramen or soup in this spacious and sturdy bowl.
5.Wide use: This ramen bowl is available in black and white colors, making it simple and stylish. It is also ideal for student dorms, camping, traveling, etc., as it is easy to carry and use. Enjoy your favorite noodles anytime, anywhere with this ramen bowl.
This noodle bowl is perfect for soup lovers! Its stainless steel construction and simple yet stylish design make it an ideal choice for any kitchen. Plus, it's easy to insulate and allows you to savor your soup in comfort. The included folding utensils can be easily stored, making this noodle bowl a convenient choice for any meal.

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