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GluteGain Pro: Ultimate Hip Thrust & Bridge Workout Kit

GluteGain Pro: Ultimate Hip Thrust & Bridge Workout Kit

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About this product

Pro multifunctional fitness belt: Our belt is made of woven nylon, which is very sturdy. Durable, comfortable, and slip resistant materials. The waist is very comfortable. Convenient to carry.

Super comfortable, safe and stable: The Mengudig hip thrust pad is a specially designed waistband to protect your waist, so you don't need to worry about weight loss and loss of balance. Dare to exercise your hips!

Ultra strong hip thrust pad: Velcro can maintain stickiness and firmness for a long time. This is a carefully crafted home gym accessory that adds weight to hip thrust and squats. Crotch bridge, flexion and extension, reverse superextension, etc.

Exercise anytime, anywhere: Use our fitness belt for efficient and comfortable hip thrust exercises, at home, in the gym, or using dumbbells, kettlebells, plates, and any type of weight. Our hip thrust belt can hold 150 pounds (approximately 68 kilograms) on each side.

Simple setup: It only takes three steps to set: 1 Open the belt. 2. Thread the belt ring through the stainless steel ring and fix it in place. 3. Close the hip belt and be prepared to feel the burn on your hips.

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